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Dr. John Andary, MD


I have had the privilege of sending my patients to Dr. Andary for 6 years now. I have had great feedback about his care, competence and compassion. I now have the misfortune of having to use his services for myself. First, rather minor surgery on a meniscal tear. Healed wonderfully, great experience with doctor and staff alike. Next, 1 year later, a major surgery for a self-sustained injury to my patella. Complex surgery, handled with expert hands. I could not give a higher endorsement to my patients or anyone that I couldn't trust Dr. Andary more than I do. Thank you John, for your healing touch.


Derek Campbell, DO

Community Care, PLLC


Orthopedic Surgeon -

Shoulder & Knee Specialist


When I tore my ACL a good friend (and ski partner) who has been a surgical nurse for over 20 years told me to go see John Andary in Idaho Falls for my surgery.  I am 10 days post operation and couldn't be happier! Despite having an autograft of my hamstring to reconstruct my ACL, I have felt only minor pain in my knee and harvest area.  My knee did not swell much and I am ahead of schedule in physical therapy.  Friends of mine who know about or have experienced ACL surgery themselves keep commenting on how good my knee looks and how well I am doing.  Dr. Andary is a great surgeon and I would recommend him highly.  Another factor of my wonderful experience at the Shoulder and Knee Center has been the office visits.  I live over an hour away from Idaho Falls.  When I decided to take my friend's strong recommendation I was nervous about the driving (it is winter).  Angie made sure my surgery was scheduled for a time that I could get there.  Then my post op appointment fell on a day that was going to have bad weather so they squeezed me in two days early so I could avoid the storm altogether.  Thank you so much Shoulder & Knee Center-you've actually made knee surgery a good experience!


Kathy S.


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