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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need an MRI?


A MRI is a non-invasive, sophisticated diagnostic imaging technique that utilizes a strong magnetic field in conjunction with low energy electromagnetic waves to produce high-resolution images of internal body organs and tissue from any angle and direction and without surgical invasion. MRIs are proven to be invaluable to the diagnosis of a broad range of conditions.


Do I need to bring x-rays?


Please bring any x-rays taken at outside facilities. These may be provided on a disk. In some cases, the films will be available to view online. Please ask your provider how your information will be shared.

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Where will I have my surgery?


Dr. Andary has been extended privileges at Eastern Idaho Regional Medical Center and Mountain View Hospital. Your surgery will be scheduled at the facility you prefer based on insurance, equipment and availability.

Will you order the MRI?


We will contact your insurance company, pre-authorize the exam and schedule the test at your convenience. Test results are generally available in 3-5 days. Please make an appointment to discuss your results.

Will I need physical therapy?


Physical therapy will keep joints flexible. If the joints become stiff, they will not work, even after the muscles begin to work again. You will be given a prescription for therapy when Dr. Andary feels it is appropriate to begin. You may attend therapy in our building or any clinic you prefer.